Nourish your Soul & Awaken your Spirit 

Equine Gestalt & Herbal Wisdom Retreat with Kelly Dukarski & Jordan Stanton

This retreat uniquely blends the somatic healing practice of Equine Gestalt and Herbal Wisdom for an experience that will restore a sense of balance, clarity and perspective to carry back into daily life.

If you find yourself craving an adventure, reconnecting to nature and riding horses through one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in North America...Come join Us at Zapata Ranch for an unforgettable experience!


This event is co-hosted by myself and my dear friend Kelly Dukarski, Founder of  A Wild Omen.

As an Equine Gestaltist, Kelly believes that the horse-human connection is a vital way of living, as well as healing. 

As a lifelong horsewoman, practicing herbalist and horticulturist,  Kelly has a deep understanding of how nature is a reflection of our innermost yearning to connect. To learn more about Kelly click here. 


 Polish your boots, grab some comfy jeans and your favorite hat! Meet us at Zapata to nourish your soul and awaken your spirit!

October 19th-October 22nd, 2022

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A Day in the Life at Zapata

Everywhere you look it is stunningly beautiful . This picturesque ranch offers the opportunity to become part of a beautiful story. A story that intertwines history, nature, preservation and all the people who have come to join in community to learn, heal and inspire. Carrying lessons back with them into the world to be shared.

This retreat is part of your story. An opportunity to immerse yourself in this breathtaking setting and feel into a somatic healing experience. One that brings you closer to knowing yourself better than ever before. An experience that transforms you by remembering the rhythm that connects you to nature, the horse and to others. That offers you the opportunity to slow down, feel into your body, see with your heart and become present to the world around you. To pause and breathe in the beauty of it.

A once in a lifetime experience..

This retreat includes:

  • Morning Inspiration Circle & Gestalt Practice

  • Chef inspired Farm to Table Breakfast.

  • Saddlebag packed lunches for the daily ride.

  • Daily Horseback riding: Zapata, Medano & Great Sand Dune National Park.

  • Equine Gestalt Coaching Circle with Horses in Zapata round pen.

  • Reflective & Grounding work with the Horses.

  • Foraging for native herbs & creating your own smudge sticks & herbal remedies from plants you harvest.

  • Restorative herbal healing practices & beauty rituals. 

  • Dinner under the Cottonwoods

  • Evening Bonfire ​

Ready to saddle up & join us?