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Greetings Cowgirl,


If you have found yourself on this page of my website chances are you are enchanted by the magic, mystery and beauty that horses and plants have to offer. 


If that’s the case, you are in the right place!

I have been practicing herbal medicine in one form or another for most of my life. My great grandmother, Porfidia practiced Curanderismo and although I never met her, her gifts with plants, animals and the natural world were passed on to me. 


This and my lifelong passion with horses as well as my background as an educator, and facilitator of programs for women and girls has shaped this unique and powerful offering.


The Herbal Healing for Horses Certificate Program is about supporting you in developing a depth, confidence and inner wisdom as pertains to using natural healing with horses. This program is also about you sharing what you know and stepping further into your role as a community herbalist, educator and wise woman. 

I desire to work with participants who wish to leave a legacy and to share what they know with their communities. 


The tangible takeaways and learning objectives are listed below. The intangible gifts you may receive differ for each person. Some of my students have shared that they trust themselves more, feel more connected to their intuition, trust other women more deeply and understand their life purpose. 

The Herbal Healing for Horses Certificate Program 

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​As an educator and wise woman you will receive:

  • Encouragement in trusting your inner knowing and intuition.

  • Skill in earth honoring ceremonies and rituals.

  • Training in deep listening & tracking energy. 

  • Developing seasonal wellness plans for horses. 

  • Education on the creation of wisdom circles. 

  • Personal guidance - each participant receives individual teachings and support appropriate to her path. 

While students are invited to participate in all the programs that I offer those who aim to become certified need to be all in. 


Here’s what that means. Participants will need to complete the following:


You will also get to:

  • Submit 4 equine case studies (one for each season).

  • Attend a monthly circle created specifically for certificate participants where we will discuss your case studies and practice the art of facilitation together. 

  • Offer a Herbal Healing for Horses Circle in your own community.

  • Complete a recommended reading and resource list. 

The other gifts you will receive include: 

  • Medicinal uses of herbs - a wealth of wisdom on the properties of plants, how to use them and their impact on equine body systems.

  • Medicine making - preparing your own tinctures, liniments, oils, infusions, and salves.

  • Ethics of herbal medicine including wildcrafting and sourcing sustainable plants. 

  • Case histories - actual stories of horses and other animals who have healed with the help of herbs. 

  • Flower essences - the art of using, making and formulating flower essences as an additional healing modality for horses. 

  • Exposure to a variety of herbalists, healers and professionals from the equine world. 

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This program is intentionally kept intimate to create depth, connection and trust among participants. Enrollment happens each fall into the certificate program with the option to begin completing program requirements throughout the year. 


If you feel called to participate please contact me directly at to apply.

Green blessings your way,


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