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Not Business as Usual Consulting Services


JS Horsewomanship Consulting Services weaves together a multitude of my gifts and talents. 

I have spent the last 20 years of my life rolling up my sleeves by starting, running and leading powerful social change organizations and in that making manifest my love and devotion to  people and the world.


I like to refer to this work as my “greatest hits” in that it brings together joyful and sometimes radical practices in business development with sustainable, feminine and nature based approaches that create powerful and generative change within businesses and non-profit organizations. 


This type of consulting work is not business as usual. It is for people and organizations that are open to learning a new way of doing things and that deeply desire to take things to the next level. 


It is about leadership, putting feminine ways of being into practice and delving deep into yourself as a person so that you can take radical responsibility for your ability to make powerful change in the world. 

This type of work is not for you or your organization if you are looking for an outside professional to come in and wave a magic wand. 

This is a roll up your sleeves, dig in, and make it happen kind of work.

My consulting package includes the following elements: 

Holistic Organizational Health Assessment:

This is you and me, and your team and together we take a 30,000 foot approach so that we can see where your strengths are and where you need to improve. We get honest, real and come up with strategic priorities that will light your world on fire and we will have fun while doing it. 

Whole Person Experiential Education:


That’s right, you are going to up your game by learning some new skills in 4 key areas that I have identified make non-profits and businesses the most successful. They include Generating Resources, Program Development, Creating Powerful and Effective Systems and Self Care for Leaders. 

Why include an educational component you might ask?

Because education is one of the most powerful interventions available. By training you and your team I am imparting skills and wisdom that allow you to make changes that last. So often in the consulting world consultants “come into” an organization to do work but don’t impart the skills necessary to allow the changes to be sustained over time. By educating you we turn that pattern on its head. 

Magic Making:

This part of our work includes 15 hours of individual meetings and the creation of materials, collateral and other items that you just need a skilled and savvy hand with. Very often overwhelmed leaders and teams need someone to have their back, dig in and get their hands dirty alongside them, and in this case that person is me. 

Special Toppings and Extracurricular Add On’s:

 Equine Wisdom for Leaders 

If you are passionate about honing your skills as a leader then pull on your boots and bring your team out to the ranch for a day of leadership development where your facilitators are some of the most honest, transparent and effective teachers you’ve ever had; horses. 

* This ½ or full day offering is not included in the basic consulting package but is well worth your time if you desire to make powerful changes to the way you lead.  Click here to learn more about this offering. 

If all of this lights you up and you can’t wait to learn more, 

click the link below to book some time with me so that we can get to know each other better. 

Curious and want to learn more?

Book a free 20 minute exploration conversation.


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