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Interested in Working with Me?

Howdy, I'm Jordan.

Herbalist, flower essence practitioner, holistic animal care expert and lifelong horsewoman.

I have been practicing the craft of herbal medicine since I was a child and completed formal training over 26 years ago. 

I take a limited number of private clients for herbal and wellness consultations. 

The people that work with me experience a blend of my deep herbal knowledge, exceptional intuition and if we are connecting about your animals, my extensive training and expertise in holistic animal care. 

When I work with people in this capacity good fit is essential!

Please take a moment to answer a few questions and if I feel like we click I will be in touch to book your session. 

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I have participated in/hold certifications the in following programs.

- The Art & Science of Herbalism + Sage Mountain Botanical Sanctuary

- Bach Level I & 2 Flower Essence Training

- Flower Essence Practitioner Training + Flower Essence Services

- Aromatherapy Training + Jeanne Rose 

- Herbal Clinic + Amanda McQuade Crawford 

- Herbal Fundamentals + Self Heal School of Herbal Studies

- Thought Field Therapy Training Level 1 & 2 + Callahan Institute 

- Advanced Integrative Therapy Training + Advanced Integrative Therapy Institute

- Waldorf Teacher Training + Waldorf Institute of Southern California

- Waldorf Education for At-Risk Youth + Rudolf Steiner College

-Practical Alchemy Leadership Immersion + Shakti Rising

-Nine Gates Mystery School 

I have also had the honor of learning from the following horsemen & women.

- Buck Brannaman + Foundation Horsemanship &  Horsemanship I

- Chris Ellsworth

- Kristi Fredrickson

- Ricky Quinn

- Large Animal Technician + Exact Equine

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