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A Note About Herbal Healing from Jordan. 

I have loved plants and natural ways of healing for as long as I can remember.

I come from a lineage of indigenous women healers with the closest link I know of being my great

grandmother Porfidia.


To me herbal healing is the people’s medicine. It is an act of reverence to nature and one of rebellion

against our current healthcare system and standards of beauty.

Through my work as an herbalist I have had the honor of working with thousands of women and girls (and a few men too), teaching them about the mysteries and magic of plants. Education is a fundamental aspect of how I “practice” herbalism because to me there is no greater gift you can give a person then to teach them how to do something. 

In indigenous cultures there is no separation between the plant and the animal world. Offering my herbal gifts to the animal realm is part of my lineage and a way for me to give back the four legged creatures who have given so much to humankind. 

I take a limited number of private consultations through my practice. Please click here to reach out about working with me. 





My horse Chuck has been on a blend of herbs that Jordan created for about a year. Jordan has been great from the very first phone consultation. She knew just what he needed and got it put together in a timely fashion. Chuck is normally very sensitive when saddling and without the herbs he bites the air and shows discomfort. When he is on his herbal blend he is much happier and quieter while being saddled. He can even be grumpy with his neighbors in his pen but on the herbs he seems much more content. Jordan has done a great job and I appreciate all she has done for Chuck and I. 

---- Shannon L. SL Horsemanship Petaluma, CA

Before I met Jordan my young mare was having severe cycles every 21 days. She would give herself urine scolding, walk with her head down and a dullness to her demeanor. Thanks to Jordan and her special care and herbal blend my mare now has less side effects of her cycle. No more urine scolding, and she is much more comfortable and happy! Thank you Jordan for your care. Your herbal blend was a savior.

---- Dawn and Petunia Novato, CA

Jordan is a special soul. Her facilitation style, grounded in feminine practices and rooted in Shakti Rising’s model of transformation, allows for the real conversation to emerge within any content or group setting. She is not afraid to hold a fire to your feet where needed while equipping you to hold with grace the vulnerable spaces in your life and leadership. 

Jordan’s intuitive nature paired with her love and study of plants brings to life a depth and expertise known only to those on a path of mastery. She will help guide you toward your own  unfolding path where healing meets desire in service of your what you didn’t even know was possible. 

---- Christina K. Mistress of Plenty, Shakti Rising

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