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Equine Wisdom for Leaders

“You are not working on the horse. You are working on yourself.”
                   ----- Ray Hunt

We live in a time that the world desperately needs embodied, connected and passionate leaders to take on the problems our families, communities and organizations face. 


Examples of healthy leadership and use of power are few and far between in the leaders that are exemplified in our media. This leaves many people with a deep desire to find another path and a wiser way to steward the power they hold. 


Seeking answers from the natural world is a powerful starting point and allows different perspectives, ideas and practices to emerge that are changing the face of leadership.


Horses in particular offer an entry to a new way of leading, one that involves co-creation and connection with the natural world. Horses cannot lie, inflate our ego with false praise and because of their sense of self preservation and herd dynamics ask us to become stronger as leaders through our interactions with them. 

If you are looking for a new way to experience yourself as a leader, are open to adventure and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty then this program is for you!
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By attending an Equine Wisdom for Leaders Workshop you will gain the following:


     ---  Practical hands on examples of new methods of leading and connecting with

                 co-workers and teams.

     ---  Deepened confidence and overall leadership abilities.

     ---  Increased ability to co-create in harmony and work as a team.

     ---  Improved emotional intelligence and communication skills.

     ---  Increased ability to self reflect and learn.


Session formats vary and can range from private 1-on-1 sessions, ½ day long workshops and on-going courses.

Curious and want to learn more?

Book a free 20 minute exploration conversation.


Spending two hours doing Leadership Development facilitated by Jordan has given me the greatest insights about myself as a leader. 

Working with the horses showed me clearly what my behaviors and tendencies are when I am leading others and gave me tangible ways of seeing how I can be a better leader, communicator and member of a team.

Jordan facilitated gently but clearly demonstrating just how to be an effective and powerful leader for humans and horses, and I can't recommend this program enough!

 ------ Naomi H., Melbourne, Australia

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