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Cleansing Cleavers Herbal Tincture

Cleansing Cleavers Herbal Tincture

Cleavers is the weed that you want to know about!


Common weeds with medicinal benefits are some of the most valuable plants available to us. 


Cleavers are a gentle yet powerful cleansing plant that is great for cleansing the blood and lymphatic system and supporting immune health.


Because the lymphatic system is so closely connected to the immune system, taking cleavers can also help move things along when experiencing sickness which is perfect during cold and flu season!


Cleavers are also a wonderful ally to support the seasonal transition from winter to spring, cleavers energy is a useful force to wake your body up and get you back into the flow. Plus it can make your skin beautiful and glowing!


The Cleavers used in this formula were ethically wildcrafted in the Santa Catalina Mountains of southern Arizona. 


This formula contains: Ethically wildcrafted Cleavers & Vodka.


This formula was created using the Simpler's method of herbal preparation which entails using one plant at a time for maximum potency. 











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