Herbal Wildfire Support Kits for Horse & Rider

Herbal Wildfire Support Kits for Horse & Rider

This thoughtfully crafted kit is the result of having provided herbal support during natural disasters and traumatic events for over two decades.


It gives you everything you need to offer kickass holistic support on physical, emotional and energetic levels. 


Everything contained in this kit can be used for horses & riders, and is all natural.


It is truly a must have for any horse owner or barn!


Each kit contains the following:


8 oz bag of Organic Respiratory Support Tea

This tasty tea blend is created to support the lungs, provide soothing relief to irritated airways, calm the nerves and help the body process toxins from smoke. It contains: Mullien Leaf, Red Clover Blossoms, Oatstaw, Marshmallow, Peppermint and Licorice.


Five Flower Formula: This flower essence formula is a tried and true remedy that provides potent support for shock, trauma, and stress. It can be used topically or placed in water troughs, or water bottles to help calm upset and allow horses and humans to settle in more easily.


Post Trauma Stabilizer: This formula can be used both topically or internally and it provides in-depth support for loss or disruption of any kind that creates stress or bewilderment. 

 It also helps people and animals during times of natural disaster recover and renew from the shock and trauma associated with those type of experiences. 

Herbal WildFire - WildCare Guide:

This booklet provides you with instructions on how to use all the products included in this kit and also offers somatic practices, self soothing tips and ways to build resilience during times of stress and natural disaster.