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Mother Loves You - Herbal Elixir

Mother Loves You - Herbal Elixir

Because sometimes we all need a little extra love....


Mother Loves You - Herbal Elixir is reassurance in a bottle. 


It's the feeling you get when you visit a dear friend's house, or the experience of standing barefoot on the ground.


Take a dose and it reminds you of the loving touch of your grandmother's hand on the top of your head.


It's everything we need right now individually & collectively.


It contains: Motherwort extract from Motherwort grown in my best friends garden, a proprietary blend of nurturing flower essences and drop of wildflower honey.


*Quantities are limited so don't dally. If you feel called to be supported by this plant medicine get one for yourself and your beloveds. 


Please note: This product is contraindicated for pregnancy.



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