The Wild & Wise Herbal Annual Subscription Box

The Wild & Wise Herbal Annual Subscription Box

The Wild & Wise Herbal Subscription Box is a handcrafted seasonal herbal and epicurean offering. These boxes are sweet, sensual, soothing, full of a few surprises, and are centered around a powerful theme for each season.


This isn’t your everyday subscription box but something else entirely. Think of them as an invitation of sorts.  They capture the magic available to you in everyday life and encourage you to step into potent feminine and magicial ways of being.


Each thoughtfully curated box offers you practices, herbal delights, epicurean treats, artwork, handmade botanical remedies and wild wisdom. 


More specifically each season your box will contain:

  • A handcrafted and lovingly formulated organic herbal tea blend.
  • A flower essence formula to help you embody and embrace the theme of each season.
  • A seasonally based epicurean treat such as an herbally infused honey, speciality salt, elixir, cordial, or a botanically based aperitif.
  • A wildcrafted botanical remedy made with ethically harvested plants from the southwest. 
  • A piece of artwork to adorn your space with from a female artist and magic maker.
  • A seasonal copy of the  Wild Wisdom Compendium. This booklet is a grimoire and a magical guide book filled with stories, recipes, practices and witchy wisdom. 


Each limited edition box comes with free shipping (please use the code FREESHIP) and when they are gone they are gone. 


There are only three boxes left in this years subscription cycle, so sign up today to get yours!

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