The Wild & Wise Herbal Subscription Box - Grit & Grace Edition

The Wild & Wise Herbal Subscription Box - Grit & Grace Edition

The Wild & Wise Subscription Box is a handcrafted seasonal herbal and epicurean offering. These boxes are sweet, sensual, soothing, full of a few surprises, and are centered around a powerful theme for each season.


Each thoughtfully curated box offers you practices, herbal delights, epicurean treats, artwork, handmade botanical remedies and wild wisdom. 


The current box is the Grit & Grace Edition.


Each box contains all the ingredients necessary to cultivate these seemingly opposite but essential qualities.


8 oz. Bag of Organic Graceful Day Flower Tisane:

This beautiful tea blend is created to soothe the nervous system, uplift the spirit and to inspire connection to the goodness available in life. It contains: Oatstraw, Linden Leaf & Flower, Chamomile, Roses, Lavender, Calendula, Hawthorne, Peppermint & Ginger. As well as flower essences of Angelica, California Wild Rose & Willow.


Grace Flower Essence Formula:

This flower essence formula assists in the cultivation of grace and receptive soul consciousness. It supports the nurturance and healing of the feminine archetype and restores grace, dignity and essential self worth within the feminine identity. It also supports the physical healing of the female body. 


True Grit Salt:

True Grit Salt includes a blend of  mineral rich  salts, fortifying herbs, spices and Chili Peppers. Try it with  your favorite mescal, add it to meats and seafoods  or take a pinch by itself anytime you need a extra dose of grit and sass. 


Porfidia’s Strengthening Smudge:

Handpicked and lovingly widlcrafted these beautiful smudge sticks contain herbs harvested from the resilient and rugged landscape of the desert. These herbs speak to me of the spirit of my Great Grandmother, Porfidia who traversed the desert alone with two small children to come to the United States to begin a new life.

These herbs will assist you in remembering who you truly are and help you to clear away any blocks to embodying your own strength and resilience.


Saint RBG Print:

This artwork, created by the intuitive artist Teri Lee H. invokes the true Priestess of Grit and Grace herself, Ruth Bader Ginsberg. 

Hang it on your wall, set it on your altar, or place it in your children’s bedroom and each time you look at it you can ask yourself…”what would Ruth do?”.


Grit and Grace - A Wild Wisdom Compendium:

This booklet is a grimoire and a magical guide book filled with recipes and practices for cultivating grit and grace. It  offers up perspectives and stories of grace and perseverance that you can live your life by as well as herbal advice and sensual practices for embracing the goodness present in each and everyday. 


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