Wild & Wise Herbal Subscription Box - Sing the Body Electric Edition

Wild & Wise Herbal Subscription Box - Sing the Body Electric Edition

The current box is the Sing the Body Electric Edition.


Each box contains herbal remedies and epicurean treats from the high and low deserts of Arizona to deepen your experience of  the sacred and sensual nature of your body and of life itself!


(Please note this edition of boxes will begin shipping the week of April 12th)


Desert Bloom & Blossom Herbal Tisane:

This lovingly blended, wildcrafted tea is created to connect you with the beauty and mystery of the desert. It is sweet, refreshing and pungent all at once. It contains: Desert Mallow Blossoms & Leaves, Desert Sage, Bougainvillea & locally grown Lavender & Peppermint. Plus the deep red color, courtesy of Bougainvillea will offer a treat to your eyes along with your taste buds.


Ocotillo Extract: 

Ocotillo is a queen of the desert and once you experience her medicine you will never forget. She invites us to dwell more fully in our bodies and helps us to release both physical and psychic blocks connected to our sensuality and sexuality. Her terroir is the pelvic bowl and the language she speaks is both literal and metaphorical. Through her medicine we can learn to more powerfully inhabit ourselves and to bloom when the conditions are right, just like she does.


Herbally Infused Arizona Honey: 

Honey is an everyday miracle and the bees that create it are nothing short of miraculous themselves. This honey is harvested from hives in the Verde Valley Region of Arizona and it is dark. The darker the honey the richer it is in antioxidants. 

These jars of honey are blended with locally grown organic lavender blossoms and this lovely tonic can be used to sweeten tea, spread on toast, or applied to the skin as a loving and hydrating mask. Any way you choose to use it this delicious treat will remind you that pleasure and sweetness are only a breath away. 


Desert Dream Body Oil:

The desert dream body oil is just that; a dream. It invokes the smell of a desert landscape just blessed by the rain.

With Creosote as it’s base it can be used to nourish and protect the skin on an everyday basis or to treat cuts, scapes or minor skin abrasions. This oil is lovingly made in small batches with plants that were ethically wildcrafted in the high desert of Arizona. It contains grounding and balancing essential oils alongside herbally infused oils and flower essences. The result is something out of your dreams. 


Ocotillo Print from Sonoran Witch Boy:

This artwork created by Trevor Mock (aka Sonoran Witch Boy) features the queen of the desert herself, Ocotillo. 

Trevor describes his style as pop art meets plant illustration and finds his inspiration from a consuming obsession with plant life. Some of his earliest memories include helping his mother propagate succulents and cacti in her garden and wondering at their insane ability to persist in such harsh environments. The technique he uses is called reverse glass painting and the results are both whimsical, enchanting and beautiful all at once. 


Sing the Body Electric - A Wild Wisdom Compendium:

This booklet is a grimoire and a magical guide book filled with recipes and practices to Sing the Body Electric, and to heighten the sensual experience of being alive and embodied. It offers up somatic practices to deepen connection with the physical body, herbal advice to enhance embodiment and please the senses and perspectives that will open your mind about the pleasure available in everyday life. 


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