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The Soul Horse Way 

 Gather in, close, for the memory of the horse whisperers; drink this cup of horse medicine and find yourself and your dreams forever changed.

The Soul Horse Way traverses the practical and magical, the logical and the mystical.


Horses draw out in us what we most need to learn and if we allow ourselves to be remade through our connection with them we emerge more deeply connected to ourselves.


Soul Horse Sessions

Soul Horse Sessions are a potent 1:1 experience that weave together equine soulwork, herbal medicine, somatic practices, dream tending, ritual & time in nature. 

These sessions are designed to deepen connection with the self, gently reveal opportunities for growth and to reorient us to the truest and wildest version of ourselves.

Soul Horse sessions are a powerful modality to engage with during life transitions, periods of grief, job changes, or when you simply feel the call to go deeper into yourself.

Soul Horse Sessions will:

-  Give you practical & mystical tools to integrate the wisdom of the horse into your daily life.

-  Help you recognize the conscious and unconscious beliefs  preventing you from expressing your innermost self. 

- Support you in building deeper connections with the natural world.

- Reveal the gifts and wisdom that reside within you.

The format is up to you.

Session are offered both in person on the Soul Horse Ranch in Southern Arizona as well as virtually. 

No horse experience is required.

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Soul Horse Retreats

Horses act as a compass reorienting us to the soul wisdom that lives inside of us each of us. 

The human soul similar to the horse both dwell in the world of subtlety, nuance and magic. In our fast paced, modern world it is easy to lose connection to the still, small voice within.

Soul Horse Retreats are a transformative, custom, in person offering that are designed to reconnect you with your Wild Self.


Weaving together horse wisdom, herbalism, somatic practices, ritual and ample time in nature Soul Horse Retreats provide a reset and reconnection to yourself.

By connecting with and learning to move from a place of soul your life will transform in ways that you have not considered.

A Soul Horse Retreat is for you if you are:

- Looking to reconnect to your Wild Self

- Need a nervous system reset

- Want to restore through connection with horses & nature

- Are ready & willing to engage in depth work

- Love learning about herbs & medicine making

Soul Horse Retreats are offered  at the Soul Horse Ranch which is nestled in the foothills of the Santa Rita Mountains in Southern Arizona. 

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