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Our educational programs are hands on and blend together folkloric wisdom with modern ways of knowing. 

They are engaging, fun, magical and result in real time learning and sustainable life changes. 


Corporate retreats and custom programs are also available. 

  • Wed, Jan 20
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    Herbal Healing for Horses - A Four Week Online Class
    Do you want to create vibrant health for your horse? Do you feel excited by natural approaches to equine wellness? Are you tired of spending tons of money on supplements for your horse that you aren’t sure really work?


Jordan is a dynamic and heartfelt herbalist and facilitator. Her relationship with the plant world and her genuine joy and passion in generously sharing her wisdom has profoundly impacted me. Her coursework has forever changed what were once mindless walks in my neighborhood to mystical foraging and developing relationships with plants in my own community. I look forward to a life of learning about plants with the same passion and love Jordan embodies.”

   -----  Teri Hedman, LCSW

"Jordan has been an amazing source of inspiration, knowledge, and light in my life and work around women's wellness. So much so, I asked her to facilitate a class for one of my year-long programs. She amazed the participants with her ability to teach about herbs in an easy yet powerful way. She is my go-to plant medicine person! I highly recommend her work and offerings. Plus, she is sassy and savvy and a big joy to be around." 

-----  Marcela Veron, Sacred Feminine Medicine

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