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Calling all Horsewomen & Mystery Seekers

The Horse Witch Apprenticeship is a 1:1 alchemical journey designed to reconnect you with your wild, most soulful self through the wisdom of the horse.

This unique program is a mystery school of sorts, offered as a seasonally based thirteen month long experience in an intimate 1:1 format that traverses the practical and the magical, the logical and the mystical.


Using equine soulwork, ritual, somatic practices, earth based wisdom, herbalism and flower essences you will grow your skills to become a powerful steward of the horse through connecting with the gifts of your own magical lineage. 

If you have heard the whispers of this kind of magic calling, now is the time for you to answer.....


With love, horse hair & magic,

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The Horse Witch Apprenticeship  (1).png

Each season is an invocation and initiation into the plant and horse medicine being offered up during that cycle. 


We work in a devotional collaboration between horses, plants and our souls.


Together we will delve into the depth of our psyches, dance with the magic of the plant world and ground ourselves back into the sagacity of the horse. 

This journey is practical in that we make the tea, tend the horses and grow the garden. And magical in our commitment to recall our dreams, craft the ceremony and meditate with the herd. 

Horses are a path of heart & devotion - May we be remade through our connection with them.


Program Details

We will meet 1:1 twice a month for thirteen months beginning in September 2024 ( with the exception of August which is set aside as a month for integration) with the apprenticeship completing in September of 2025.

2-3 group gatherings with other apprentices in your cohort will also be woven in with visiting herbalists, horse folks and wisdom keepers from various traditions. 

All meetings will be held via zoom or phone depending on the work being done during our gathering. Text and email support is included in the apprenticeship. 

Also included in program registration:

- A horse witch welcome self care kit.

- A seasonal flower essence blend to deepen your experience of each theme being explored. 

-  A closing certificate and parting gift to be received upon completion of the program.

Registration is currently open to five participants by invitation only beginning in September of 2024. 

Will you be one of them??

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