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Meet Jordan

Lifelong Horsewoman, Herbalist & Marketing Maven


I am Jordan. Thank you for stopping by my website!

I grew up in the desert surrounding Phoenix, Arizona riding horses and harvesting herbs. 

I have started and run non-profit organizations, been a business and marketing consultant, a community educator and practiced the craft of herbal medicine for over 24 years. 

The thread that runs through all of it is my deep love of animals and the natural world. Animals have always made sense to me. They have taught me about kindness and compassion and helped me become the person I am today. 

I am a talented gal and these days my work is focused on supporting the individuals who serve animals; veterinarians, canine and equine chiropractors and animal-centric business owners. 

I want to see you thrive and creating a stellar online presence for your business is my forte! 

I bring my social media skills, strategy and savvy to the table so you can do what you do best, love and care for animals big and small.

Curious and interested in working with me? Click here.

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Meet Sophie


Hi my name is Sophie.


I am Jordan's partner in crime, familiar and the inspiration behind her herbal work with animals.

I am a 22 year old Appaloosa Mare and I frequently give Jordan a run for her money. 


I am smart, sassy, sweet and someone once said that I "emanate cuteness". 

Don't get me wrong I am also strong willed, apt to do my own thing and I am an expert at teaching people how to trust themselves and their ability to lead.

Jordan and I make a pretty awesome team and I hope that you get a chance to experience the work we do together. It will change your life for the better, I promise.


One last thing, when you come to meet me if you could bring me some kind of a cookie or treat that would make me very happy. Food just happens to be my love language. 





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