Meet Jordan

Horsewoman and Tender of All Things Wild & Wise

Jordan is a horsewoman at heart and her perspective on life and the work she does is shaped by her strong connection to animals, nature and her experience of running her own small ranch in southern Arizona. 


All of her offerings are based in a natural systems approach. Meaning that the way things thrive in the natural world is a powerful model for how our health, ability to learn and interactions with each other can also thrive when utilizing those same principles and practices. 


Jordan is highly skilled and has been seasoned by her 24 years experience as an entrepreneur and as a founding member of the ground-breaking women's organization, Shakti Rising. Drawing from her certifications in Waldorf Education, herbal medicine, flower essences; and her trainings in energy psychology, leadership development, women’s spirituality and natural horsemanship, JS Horsewomanship is an expression of heart and soul. 


Jordan has sat in the seat as a facilitator for over 24 years and has worked in schools, juvenile detention centers, businesses and with thousands of women and girls. She is warm, wise, funny and speaks the truth in a way that can be received. In short she effects positive, transformational change in the lives of  the people she touches. 


The river that runs through it all however is her lifelong love and devotion to horses. She grew up learning to ride in the desert around Phoenix, AZ. Showed hunter jumpers as a young adult and then later in life discovered the Buck Brannaman style of horsemanship which spoke to her soul. Over the past 9 years she has dedicated herself to learning this style of horsemanship and all that it has to offer both horses and humans. 


JS Horsewomanship & Healing is a dream actualized and weaves together a lifetime of passion, education and healing into services that invite individuals, communities and animals to transform and thrive. 


Thank you for visiting this website and if you would like to get in touch about any of Jordan’s programs, products and services she can be contacted by clicking here

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Meet Sophie


Hi my name is Sophie.


I am Jordan's partner in crime, familiar and the inspiration behind her herbal work with animals.

I am a 20 year old Appaloosa Mare and I frequently give Jordan a run for her money. 


I am smart, sassy, sweet and someone once said that I "emanate cuteness". 

Don't get me wrong I am also strong willed, apt to do my own thing and I am an expert at teaching people how to trust themselves and their ability to lead.

Jordan and I make a pretty awesome team and I hope that you get a chance to experience the work we do together. It will change your life for the better, I promise.


One last thing, when you come to meet me if you could bring me some kind of a cookie or treat that would make me very happy. Food just happens to be my love language.