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Social Media Strategy Expert

Hi, I'm Jordan.

I am a lifelong horsewoman, animal lover and the founder of Horsewomanship Media.

I have a background in communications, social media, sales and I am an entrepreneur myself. I have a unique understanding of the field of veterinary medicine and what it takes to work with animals in a professional capacity.


I also know firsthand what your clients need to hear to help them know, like, and trust you- faster.

And trust is everything when you’re deciding who can provide the best care for your beloved 4-legged friends!

Let's face it: your work is essential and it can be all encompassing at times. There are long hours, days on the road and a multitude of things pulling your attention. As a result, making time for social media can seem like the last thing on your list! Businesses that don't use social media to their advantage can be seen as behind the times, illegitimate, and often times, less than reputable. 


The businesses that work with me experience expanded brand awareness, better customer satisfaction, increased website traffic and improved brand authority. This means that you are seen as the amazing business that you are by the people that matter most, your clients. 

Reputation matters. 

Not every marketing agency can create a marketing strategy and generate social media content for veterinarians or  animal-centric businesses. Deep knowledge of the industry, horse expertise and the ability to accurately and effectively communicate about your work to your clients is not a skill set everyone has. 

But I do.

Ready to learn more?


Click here to get started.

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