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Ocotillo Circle
  • Ocotillo Circle

    Ocotillo is the queen of the desert & a powerful medicine that all women can benefit from working with. 


    She is a powerful guide in reconnecting us to our enoughness, power and joy. She aids us in transforming our perspectives of self and encourages us in our creativity and expression. 


    Ocotillo helps us work with grief and tend to the untended parts of ourselves. 


    Ocotillo also holds the complexity of the blossom & the thorn. She is a powerful teacher about sexual boundaries and helping cleanse and  protect the pelvic bowl and the reproductive organs and energy.


    The Ocotillo Circle is a 30 day journey of working consciously and intentionally with this herbal medicine in a supported container.


    Through this cirlce you will be provided with your own bottle of the Tinctura de Ocotillo formula along with weekly journal prompts, meditations and practices that will help you dive deep with this powerful and provocative medicine.


    The circle begins on May 1st.


    If you feel the desert calling you, l I invite you to answer. 





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