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Tinctura de Ocotillo

Tinctura de Ocotillo

Tincutra de Ocotillo invokes the spirit of Ocotillo and encourages us to explore the desert that dwells within each of us. 


At first glance the desert may seem harsh and desolate but it is a truly resilient and abundant landscape and ecosystem.


Ocotillo is the Queen of the desert and a powerful guide in reconnecting us to the enoughness, power and joy that lives within. She aids us in transforming our perspectives of self and encourages us in our creativity and self expression. 


From a medicinal perspective she is one of the most powerful lymph movers for the lower body and pelvis. 


Ocotillo also holds the complexity of the blossom & the thorn. She is a powerful teacher about sexual boundaries and helping cleanse and  protect the pelvic bowl and the reproductive organs and energy.


She is an ally every woman can benefit from working with. 


Tinctura de Ocotillo contains: Ocotillo bark, thorns and flowers, flower essence, infused in Mezcal mixed with Agave syrup and Piloncillo. 


Every batch of Tinctura de Ocotillo is created and lovingly harvested from the abundant Ocotillo plants that grow on our 6 acre ranch in the sky islands of Southern Arizona. 


This product is only available when the plants are thriving as they are this year after a rainy winter.


Please note: This product is available in limited quantities.


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