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Herbal Healing for Horses - Part 2 - Advanced Course

Are you passionate about natural approaches to equine wellness? Are you interested in deepening the herbal healing skills you have? Do you want to learn even more about how to create vibrant health for your horse?

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Herbal Healing for Horses - Part 2 - Advanced Course
Herbal Healing for Horses - Part 2 - Advanced Course

Time & Location

Apr 07, 2021, 6:00 PM PDT – Apr 28, 2021, 8:00 PM PDT

Zoom Video Conferencing Platform

About the Event

As a horse owner and herbalist for over 23 years I have witnessed the healing power that plants have on animals.

Herbal medicine is inclusive, sustainable and serves as a wonderful compliment to traditional veterinary care and provides you with the skills to care for yourself and your horse from a powerful and natural perspective.

This course provides a powerful and in-depth follow up to the Herbal Healing for Horses - Part 1 class!

Herbal medicine is both an art and a science and by participating in this class you will learn to deepen your knowledge and hone your skills. You will learn how to address a more complex set of equine health concerns, build and formulate your own custom herbal remedies and be surrounded by a wisdom community of other herbalists and healers from around the world.

Practice makes perfect and this class offers you a container where you can deepen your understanding and implementation of the craft of herbal medicine!

Here is all the great stuff you will learn by attending this course:

  • How to address more complex equine health concerns from an herbal perspective.
  • Explore natural alternatives to worming and parasite control.
  • Learn about natural interventions for metabolic issues in horses.
  • Soothe and support hormonal imbalances in horses.
  • Develop and formulate your own custom herbal blends.
  • Create seasonal wellness plans to strengthen your horse’s health and vitality.
  • Continue building your own herbal apothecary so that you can make herbs a part of your horse’s wellness plan.

This online course includes:

  • 8 hours of in-person instruction offered online which is grouped into 4 cleary organized modules.
  • PDF Handouts and recipe booklets for each module which contain a variety of effective and easy to prepare herbal formulas.
  • Access to Jordan Stanton, seasoned herbalist and horse woman during the course for email Q & A’s.
  • The ability to work at your own pace and watch the video calls a time that works best for you.
  • Lifetime access to the course material through the online classroom.
  • Membership into the Herbal Healing for Horses private Facebook group.

When, where and how much:

When: Wednesdays April 7th-28th via Zoom Video Conferencing Platform.

From: 6:00-8:00pm PST - if you can’t make it you will have access to the recording to work with the material at your own pace.

Investment: $225 for the 4 weeks! A 10% discount is available for students who sign up by April 1st!


During this class we will explore the in’s and out’s of eliminating parasites naturally. As any horse owner knows worming is a necessary part of caring for horses. However, recent studies show that overworming can cause detrimental health impacts. During this week's class you will learn herbal and nutritional protocols to reduce parasites in horses and how to strengthen immune and digestive health in the process.


Many horses are facing issues surrounding their metabolic health and can benefit greatly from holistic support in addition to traditional veterinary protocols. Herbs, natural stable management approaches and diet can make a considerable difference in your horse's quality of life. Because the endocrine system is impacted by so many other factors including chemicals in fly spray, wormers and in commercial horse feed looking at the big picture is an essential part of creating optimum metabolic health for your horse. 


Have you ever owned or been around a mare who was just down right moody, uncooperative, sensitive or even just out of sorts every few weeks when she was cycling?Just like humans, mare's hormonal cycles can be supported through the use of herbs, supplements and dietary changes. Through this class you will learn about the basics of equine hormonal fluctuations, the impact diet and supplements have on hormonal health as well as simple and effective herbal protocols to nourish and heal the hormones.


One of the most exciting and complex aspects to using herbal medicine is the art of formulation. This is where the rubber meets the road in the use and application of herbs. Through this class and woven throughout the entire course are lessons around how to blend and create your own formulas. This skill requires not only instinctive knowledge of plants but also the ability to discern which herbs are most appropriate for a particular health issue as well as how the herbs will harmonize not only with the other ingredients in a formula but with the person/animal they are being formulated for.

Bonus Perks:

  • While enrolled in the course you will have access to a 10% discount on all equine herbal products and equine wellness consultations in my shop!

About Jordan:

Jordan is highly skilled and has been seasoned by her 23  years experience as an entrepreneur, educator and as a founding member of the ground-breaking women's organization, Shakti Rising. Drawing from her certifications in Waldorf Education, herbal medicine, nutrition, flower essences; and her trainings in energy psychology, leadership development, women’s spirituality and natural horsemanship, JS Horsewomanship is an expression of heart and soul.

Jordan has sat in the seat as a facilitator for over 23 years and has worked in schools, juvenile detention centers, businesses and with thousands of women and girls. She also co-founded and led a renonwed community education program that served participants from all backgrounds and walks of life. She is warm, wise, funny and speaks the truth in a way that can be received. In short she effects positive, transformational change in the lives of  the people she touches.

She is an expert at curriculum development and shares her gifts by creating programs and workshops that draw on multiple styles of learning, scientific and folkloric knowledge and that are experiential in nature. Unlike many other programs out there her offerings are crafted with learning and sustainability in mind. Leaving participants with the ability to integrate long lasting and life altering changes into their lives.





  • Herbal Healing for Horses II







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