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Flower Essence Consultation

Flower Essence Consultation

Flower Essences provide healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. I like to think of them like tiny keys that unlock deeper aspects of the heart & spirit.


They are subtle & powerful all at once and have been used successfuly since the 1930's to support emotional and physical healing in both people and animals.


Essences operate on the premise that small is beautiful and in our capitalistic overconsumption based culture I find that so comforting.


Flower essences can be used during times of acute emotional and physical experiences. They can also be used to address chronic or longstanding patterns. They beautifully compliment therapy, bodywork, training and even western medical approaches. 


Flower essences have no side effects, they have no scent, they do not interact with prescription medications and are FEI compliant. 


While most custom formulas I create contain mulitple essences I have found in my work that even a carefully selected single essecene can have a profound impact. 


This consultation includes a personalized flower essence blend that will come out of our time together as well as  instructions on how to work with your essence for you and/or your animal. Shipping is included. 


Once you purchase your consultation I will email you to book our one hour session.


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